Introduction to Flex PCB Material types
Jun 25,2019

Introduction to Flex PCB Material types

With an understanding of the basic constructional components of a flex circuit, it is possible to mix and match these elements to develop the various materials that can be required in the manufacture a flexible circuits. The complying with are summaries of the basic material forms made use of in flexible circuits PCB manufacturing.


Steel aluminum foil clad laminates are the fundamental form of product used for the majority of flexible circuit constructions. While copper aluminum foil controls applications, other foils can be utilized.

Commonly, a laminate is created by bonding with each other a sandwich consisted of a base product, a glue as well as a metal aluminum foil. The pile is then subjected to sufficient warmth as well as pressure in a laminating press to create a permanently adhered steel polymer laminate.

In the case of adhesiveless laminate substrates, the adhesive would be missing from the building and construction. Some adhesiveless laminates utilize a slim layer of heat adhesive to cre- ate a laminate framework that fundamentally accomplishes the exact same goal. There are likewise ways to produce adhesiveless laminates without a lamination process, which will be discussed in even more information later.


Usually, a coverlayer is a 2 layer product comprised of a base material and also a suitable thermosetting adhesive. Nevertheless, appropriate homogenous thermoplastic films might also be utilized as coverlayers. The coverlayer safeguards the conductors of the finished flexible circuits as well as improve flexibility, a subject that will be gone over in greater detail later.

Coverlayer products are frequently used to develop flexible laminates by bonding them to metal foil. This is the typical case when a flexible pcb manufacturer his very own material. It is also regular for those that make heating unit circuits since there are few manufacturers of dedicated heating system circuit laminate products. Firms that make heater circuits generally acquire coverlay and also use Inconel, nickel-copper, NiChrome or various other resisting aluminum foils making their very own laminates.

One procedure made use of to obtain an inexpensive behind access circuit begins with predrilled/punched coverlay to make a laminate, which reduces the should chemically or plasma etch with the polyimide and sticky later to get to the copper.


Another type of coverlayer utilized in flex pcb manufacture is a photoimageable coverlay, commonly recognized by the phrase PIC, which is akin to dry movie solder mask. Like solder mask, it needs vacuum lamination to ensure a great seal around the circuit traces. Then, much like a photoimagable solder mask, the material is revealed and also developed to supply access to circuit component attachment functions. Development continues on photoimageable polyimide coverlay products, however they have actually not been generally commercialized yet.

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