Introduction to High-performance Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB Laminates and Adhesive Materials
Jun 20,2019

Pyralux Laminates for Flexible as well as Rigid Flex PCBs

DuPont has long been a market leader in laminates for flexible circuit as well as rigid-flex PCBs. Our comprehensive family of Pyralux ®, Interra ® as well as Temprion ® branded items expands possibilities for flexible circuit board laminates, ingrained passives and also thermal performance in demanding applications such as 5G networks, electrical vehicles, and consumer electronic devices. The Pyralux ®, Interra ® as well as Temprion ® portfolios consists of a diverse collection of core dielectric materials as well as customized constructions that allow:

  • Reduced loss for high-speed, high-frequency applications
  • High solution temperature for vehicle and aerospace applications
  • Choices for solitary as well as double-sided, multilayer flex pcb, and rigid flex PCB designs

Pick DuPont as your products services companion to:

Give you the greatest performing laminates

Attain style versatility while preserving outstanding signal stability

Take advantage of decades of technological proficiency

What are Laminates?

Laminates offer the foundation for increasingly complex circuits built on both rigid and flex substratums. They offer mechanical integrity to flex circuits while permitting developers the freedom to fit circuits into the offered footprint. All the products in multilayer flex laminates need to be picked to integrate mechanical versatility with sufficient electric performance.

Making It Possible For 5G Networks and EVs

The laminate market is progressing to sustain the needs of high-speed, high-frequency circuits that link 5G networks and power the next generation of customer electronic devices. Flexible laminates are utilized in smartphone antennas and also arrangements that need thin substrates with tight bending radius. Such applications require slim, adaptable styles made from low-loss products to make certain signal integrity.

Electric vehicles (EVs) for both the customer auto market as well as military applications call for laminates that can endure high solution temperature levels for use in power components and also transmission control devices. The capability of adaptable laminates to fulfill this demand increases item style choices.

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