Multilayer rigid circuit board inner layer Line
Jan 14,2019

Copper foil substrates are cut first to fit the size of the processing production. Before the substrate press film, it is usually necessary to use brush grinding, micro-etching and other methods to make the plate surface copper foil as appropriate coarsening treatment, and then with the appropriate temperature with a suitable force to the dry film light resistance attached to it. The substrate coated with dry film light resistance is fed into the ultraviolet exposure machine, and the light resistance will produce polymerization after exposure to ultraviolet rays in the transmittance area of the film (the dry film in this area will be retained as etching resistance in later development and copper etching steps), and the line image on the film will be transferred to the dry film light resistance on the plate surface. After tearing off the film surface of the insured film, first with sodium carbonate aqueous solution will be the film surface is not illuminated area wet shadow removal, and then with hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide mixed solution will be exposed copper foil corrosion removal, the formation of the line. Finally, the dry film light resistance of fruition is removed by sodium hydroxide aqueous solution.

For six layers (including) above the inner circuit board to automatically locate the punching machine out of the interlayer line position of the riveting reference hole.

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