Classification Of Circuit Boards
Dec 30,2018

The circuit board according to the number of layers divided into a single panel, double panel, and multi-layer circuit board three large classification. The first is a single panel, on the most basic PCB, the part is concentrated on one side, the wire is concentrated on the other side. Because the wire appears only on one side, the PCB is called a single-sided circuit board.

Single panels are usually simple to make and inexpensive, but the downside is that they cannot be applied to products that are too complex. Dual panel is the extension of single-sided board, when single-layer wiring can not meet the needs of electronic products, it is necessary to use dual panels.

Both sides have copper cladding, and can be passed through the hole through the line between the two layers, so that it forms the required network connection. Multilayer board refers to a printed board with more than three layers of conductive graphic layer and the insulating material in between, and the conductive graphics are interconnected according to the requirements.

Multilayer circuit board is the product of the development of electronic information technology to high speed, multi-function, large capacity, small volume, thin type and light quantification direction. Circuit board according to the characteristics of the words are divided into soft board (FPC), hard plate (PCB), soft and rigid Bonding Board (FPCB).

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