New 4 Layers Rigid Flex PCB Product Released
Jun 15,2019
Product Introduction
The material of this rigid flexible pcb board is FR-4 TG170 and PI. It is a 4 layer connector board with hard gold fingers.
The rigid area thickness is 1.6mm. Its inner layer Min. trace/ space is 3mil/ 3mil which makes the fabrication more difficult than 4mil trace/ spacing.
XPCB offers a wide range of different printed circuit boards to our customers worldwide. We provide the high quality, best price and heart to heart service.
Our technical experts will review the design files and raise out professional DFM. We can provide you printed circuit board knowledge during the early design phase, further through prototype evaluation and transfer to mass production. We will give you the most professional technical suggestion or advice to optimize the quality maximumly.
Product Parameter
Finished Copper Thickness
1 OZ
Solder Mask And Coverlay
Green Solder Mask And Amber Coverlay
Silkscreen Colour
DHL, UPS, FedEX, Etc
Product Application
It’s used for industrial Connector.
Why You Should Buy Rigid Flex PCB Boards From XPCB
● Focus on profession: Specializing in Rigid Flex PCB R&D and manufacturing, the core team made up by the best rigid flex pcb  technical experts with 15+ years experience.
● Quick service response: Instant RFQ reply, the DFM could be raised on the same day, expedited production is available to help customers speed up R&D and Shorten the Time-to-Market.
● Comprehensive quality management system: We have gained ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL Certification
● The PCB  products can be fully RoHS compliant ,and 100% guaranteed to meet IPC II standards at least.

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