PCB Assembly Makers Get Careful When Soldering Rigid Flex PCB
Jun 02,2019

As the miniaturization fad in electronics continues, rigid flex PCBs expand in appeal. This is because they call for as much as 60 percent much less room than typical PCBs.

Rigid flex PCBs feature rigid and versatile circuit substrates that are laminated with each other, yet allow for parts to be placed on both sides. Similarly important, their incorporated circuits electrically attach the system together, removing the demand for ports or linking cable televisions between the sections.

Aerospace firms have actually utilized rigid flex PCBs in spacecraft since the 1960s to change wiring harnesses. These PCBs were likewise used in the first readily available mobile computer, and today can be located in notebook computer, wearable technologies, clinical devices, test tools and satellites.

Teledyne Printed Circuit Technology (TPCT) developed and made rigid flex PCBs from the mid-1960s till 2016. PCBs made by TPCT were made use of extensively in the defense, aerospace, and oil and also gas industries for lots of decades.

In 2014, TPCT sought a means to improve the manufacturing process of its multi-layer, rigid-flex PCB settings up at the firm’s Hudson, NH, facility. After testing several selective soldering makers, TPCT picked the Ecoselect 1 maker from Kurtz Ersa The United States And Canada.

The semiautomatic device calls for less than 3 square meters of area and fits optimally right into cell manufacturing settings. It features a high-precision servo gantry system, as well as leading and lower infrared heating systems that preheat boards to make sure repeatable, premium soldering.

The maker’s universal pallet mount enables end-users to process boards up to 424 by 508 millimeters  or 508 millimeters square. PCBA Manufacturers can outfit the device with mini-wave, mini-dip wave or area-soldering nozzles, depending on the application. A maintenance-free electro-magnetic pump constantly monitors as well as records procedure parameters such as solder level, wave height and also temperature level.

Double product pots raise soldering throughput as well as enable two different alloys to be made use of while doing so. This attribute also eliminates comprehensive downtime of the system due to pot transition.

Kurtz Ersa just recently expanded its Ecoselect line with the model 4, a small device for inline or small-to-medium-batch applications. Pre-heating is finished with a convection heating system, which is well matched for complicated boards. The maker’s fluxer provides programmable spray control for accurate and economical flux application in single areas or tracks. A second spray head is optional.

The maker’s 2 solder pots can be relocated as needed in the Y or Z directions, as well as they let the driver set up different-diameter nozzles for difficult-to-reach joints. Easy to use Ersasoft 5 software makes it possible for user-friendly maker operation.

Private interface give the operator with all the essential process details and also data at a glimpse. Additionally common is PiP (photo in picture) modern technology, combined with a process monitoring electronic camera.

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