Specification For The Collation Of Printed Circuit Boards
Mar 24,2019

1. Circuit board plywood width ≤260mm (Siemens line) or ≤300mm (Fuji line); If automatic dispensing is required, PCB plywood width x length ≤125 mmx180 mm

2. The plywood shape as close as possible to the square, recommended the use of 2×2, 3×3 、Plywood; but don’t spell it into a yin and yang plate.

3. Circuit board plywood frame (clamping edge) should adopt closed-loop design, to ensure that the PCB plywood fixed on the fixture will not deform

4. The center distance between the small plates is controlled between mm~145 mm

5. There can be no large device or outstretched device near the connection point between the jigsaw frame and the inner small plate, small plate and small plate, and the edge of the component and PCB board should be more than 0.5mm space to ensure the normal operation of the cutting tool

6. Open four positioning holes in the four corners of the jigsaw frame, the aperture 4mm±0.01mm; the strength of the hole should be moderate, to ensure that it will not break in the process of the upper and lower plate; the aperture and position accuracy should be high, the hole wall is smooth without burrs

7. Each small plate in the board plywood must have at least three positioning holes, 3≤ aperture ≤6 mm, edge positioning hole 1mm does not allow wiring or patches

8. The entire plate positioning for the circuit board and the reference symbol for the positioning of the fine spacing device, in principle, the spacing is less than 0. The QFP of 65mm should be set in its diagonal position, and the positioning datum symbol used for the collage circuit board should be used in pairs and arranged at the diagonal of the positioning element.

9. When setting the Datum anchor point, it usually leaves an unobstructed weld area around the anchor point that is larger than its 1.5 mm

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