The Chip That Detects The Repair Belt Program
Jan 09,2019

1. EPROM chips are generally not suitable for damage. Because the chip needs ultraviolet light to erase the program, it will not damage the program in the test. However, it is described that due to the production of chip materials, over time (the year is long), even if not used may be damaged (mainly refers to the program). So try to back up as much as possible. 2. EEPROM, SPROM and other RAM chips with batteries are extremely easy to break the program. Whether or not such chips have broken the program after using THE VI curve Scan has not been decided. Nevertheless, colleagues are careful when confronted with this situation. The author has done many experiments. The likely reason is that the shell of the overhaul tool (such as tester, soldering iron, etc.) is caused by leakage.

3. Do not easily remove a chip with a battery on the circuit board from the board.

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