XPCB Leads LCP Fabrication For Flex PCB
Jun 24,2019

XPCB Leads LCP Fabrication for flex PCB

LCP, or liquid crystal polymer, is a reasonably new material arising in the flex PCB manufacturing market that is establishing a solid presence. This one-of-a-kind thermoplastic product is very thin (1, 2 as well as 4 mil cores), flexible circuits, light-weight, as well as has quite reduced dampness absorption in addition to a high chemical resistance. LCP additionally has superb electrical buildings including reduced loss and also a secure dielectric constant that make it perfect for high frequency PCB manufacturing and mm-wave kind applications, especially those that could gain from the slim, light-weight cores. As a result of its one-of-a-kind top quality as well as convenience the demand for LCP is expanding yet much of the FPC fabrication area has actually restricted encounter with the item.

   2 layer LCP Flex PCB

CEO Allen said, “XPCB is currently in the manufacturing placement with LCP, having started to deal with this product before there was even an official specification sheet.”

Huawen Yi, director of engineering solutions, added, “This journey has actually been alonged with countless obstacles. After a thorough analysis of these difficulties, we delight in that we were able to end up being entailed with this emerging innovation because it has permitted us to help our clients in methods we can not picture in years prior.”

Yi continued, “Recently, among our crucial defense consumers used this material in a major aerospace job that is currently ramping up to production levels. It is gratifying to be able to supply product to a customer in production amounts with yields as well as intricacies just imagined more than 7 years earlier when we initially engaged with this consumer on this special product platform.”

He took place to note that XPCB has actually made regular PCB as well as flex PCB boards for dozens of applications from aerospace to semiconductor as well as it took several man-years of procedure development in order to manufacture complex multilayer LCP boards with foreseeable returns.

Interest remains to grow within various market sectors for this high performance flexible circuits boards material, with a boost in production volumes. With several developing efforts beginning to repay, XPCB is coming to be entailed with even more designs ahead of time. Early involvement with customers as well as their design groups is crucial to lowering cycle-time enabling early resolution of issues that can surface as a result of very little LCP experience. Since this is an unique product, a good understanding of the obstacles in flex PCB manufacturing could aid enormously in the design stage.

Throughout the past years, XPCB has actually fixed problems for greater than 20 different customers in multiple markets as they move to layouts that demand LCP. These projects included consumers in various markets including medical, defense, aerospace, automotive in addition to numerous universities as well as various other cutting-edge research orgnazations.

XPCB wants to increase this offering to even more consumers as well as urges those thinking about LCP to connect to additionally review the product as well as its advantages. This is an exhilarating time for the market and also this new flexible circuits product as well as XPCB is well positioned to move it onward. Get in touch with us for an onsite lunch as well as discover LCP presentation and also they will certainly be happy to discuss years of LCP felt in order to make your Flex PCB creates successful.

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