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Flex Circuit Board

Flex Circuit Board

X-PCB is the leading manufacturer of prototypes and small-volume,Superior Difficulty,High Precision,High Quality PCB in China….

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Product Introduction

X-PCB is the leading manufacturer of prototypes and small-volume,Superior Difficulty,High Precision,High Quality PCB in China.

This is some of our advantage, as follows

1. High Quality.

Our products will be shipped after 100% testing,the quality complaint rate is less than 0.5%.

2. Delivery on time and quick turn service.

2 layers: 24/Hours

4 layers: 48/Hours

6-8 layers: 72/Hours

3. Advanced technology

min/T/G:3/3 mil

MAX aspect ratio for board thickness vs drill bit size 15:1

surface treatment: HASL, Gold plating, Immersion gold, Immersion tin,Immersion silver, Gold fingers, OSP

The two pcbs are simle, whose flex board thickness is 0.12mm. The copper weight is 35um. All the finger position have PI stiffener.

Product Parameter


Type FPC
Flame Retardant Properties V0
Shipping DHL,UPS,FedEX,Etc
HS Code 85340090
Port Shenzhen



Product Feature And Application

It is better for pcb designer to pay attention to the below:

1) Datum symbol is used for positioning of the entire board and fine-pitch devices. In principle, QFP with the space of less than 0.65mm should be set on diagonal position. The datum symbol should be used in pairs, and should be set on diagonal position of positioning elements.

2) Large components should have positioning column or positioning holes, such as  I / O interface, microphone, battery connector, micro switch, headphone jack, and a motor.

FPC is divided into the following kinds:single-sided board, double-sided board and multilayer board.

Double-sided pcb is very common. This pcb is used in consumer electronics. Amber cover film is used on this board. Its finishing treatment is ENIG.

Why X-PCB?

● We Are Not A Broker: X-PCB is a China Shenzhen-based PCB manufacturer. By skipping all the middle companies, we are successfully passing the savings and bringing a total satisfaction of PCB purchasing experience to our valued customers.

● PCB factory passed UL, ISO90001: 2008 and ISO/TS16949: 2009 certification, which is the strong confidence for quality.

● RFQ generally will be responded in 8 hours, the conventional products can be quoted even in 2 hours.

● Be able to produce up to 24 layers of various special PCB.

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