Flex PCB Board Printing

Flex PCB Board Printing

X-PCB is a professional pcb manufacturer in China, good at high quality multilayer PCB and FPC and rigid-flex pcb fabrication….

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Product Introduction

X-PCB is a professional pcb manufacturer in China, good at high quality multilayer PCB and FPC and rigid-flex pcb fabrication. Our capability is as below:

Layer:Rigid Flex PCB: 2 – 26 Layer

Rigid PCB: 1-50 Layer

FPC: 1-12 Layer

Max. Board Size: Rigid Flex PCB:

2- 4 Layer: 500mm x 1000mm

>=8 Layer: 500mm * 800mm


1- 2 Layer:500 * 1200mm

>=2 Layer:500 * 800mm

Final board thickness: 0.1mm-7mm

The flex board thickness of this board is 0.15mm with 1OZ copper. The base material is 50um PI without adhesive. The yellow coverfilm anc white silkscreen are used on this pcb. The finishing is ENIG.

Product Parameter


Port Shenzhen,China
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Structure Double-Sided
Flame Retardant Properties V0
Transport Package By Vacuum Packing In Cartons



Product Feature And Application

A PCB board can have up to two silkscreen printing.They are the top layer (TopOverlay) and the bottom silkscreen (BottomOverlay), generally white, mainly for placing printed information, such as the outline of components and labels, all kinds of comments characters, etc., to facilitate PCB soldering components and   circuit inspection.

The 2-layer board is made with PI and FR4. FR4 is the stiffener which is used at the entire bottom of the panle, in order to provide the support when doing the assembly. This FPC has 50ohm single ended impedance, so when doing the trace,the trace width and space need to be controlled well, in order to meet the required impedance value.

Why X-PCB?

● Competitive price: Highly automated equipment reduces our manufacture cost and improve efficiency. We always believe that only by providing competitive price which can make our customers more competitive,we can grow with our customers.

● International quality management system makes our soft power stronger: We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL and national high-tech enterprice identifications. By relying on rigorous attitude, scientific management ans strict IPC management standard, we can ensure that each piece of PCB delivered to the customer is high quality.

● Offer expedited service for prototyping, small batch production.

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