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Flex PCB With Best Turnaround

Flex PCB With Best Turnaround

X-PCB is a High Quality, High Precision PCB Manufacturer with IPC Printed Board Standards and Eurpean Printed Board Standars….

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Product Introduction

X-PCB is a High Quality, High Precision PCB Manufacturer with IPC Printed Board Standards and Eurpean Printed Board Standars.


Max. Board Size:

Rigid Flex PCB:

2- 4 Layer: 500mm x 1000mm

>=8 Layer: 500mm * 800mm


1- 2 Layer:500 * 1200mm

>=2 Layer:500 * 800mm

Min. Line Width / Space: Inner Layer

1/3oz: 2/2mil

Hoz: 3/3mil

1oz: 5/5mil

2oz: 5/7mil

3oz: 7/8mil

4oz: 10/10mil

5oz 12/12mil

6oz/ 15/12mil

The above board is a 2L flex pcb. We can provide 24H turnaround service. The board min line width is 0.1mm and min line space is also 0.1mm. The material is PI and FR4. PI is the base material and FR4 is the stifferner material. The overall board thickness is 1.2mm.

Product Parameter


Min. Order 1pcs
Surface Treatment Immersion AU
Cover Film Amber
Silkscreen White
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, Paypal



Product Feature And Application

As a leading fast PCB manufacturer, we’re committed to offer fast PCB Prototyping and Fabrication service to help customers speed up the R&D and shorten the products’ time-to-market.We can try our best to meet your required lead time.

This board is made with 24H.It is used on consummer electronics.Flame Retardant Properties is V0.Althoug the lead time is fast,our quality is guaranteed,so don’t worry about the quality.

Why X-PCB?

● PCB factory passed UL, ISO90001: 2008 and ISO/TS16949: 2009 certification, which is the strong confidence for quality.

● Quick service response: Instant RFQ reply, the DFM could be raised on the same day, expedited production is available to help customers speed up R&D and Shorten the Time-to-Market.

● Rich experience makes your product better: our producst are widely used for: automotive electronics, industrial control, consumer electronics, power supply, security, coomunication equipment, intelligent wear, medical equipment, aerospace and other fields.

● Free DFM: If customers need DFM before payment, we can provide free DFM.

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