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Flexible Circuit Board With UL

Flexible Circuit Board With UL

X-PCB is a professional pcb supplier in China. The quick-turn service of our PCBs can satisfy your urgent requires….

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Product Introduction

X-PCB is a professional pcb supplier in China. The quick-turn service of our PCBs can satisfy your urgent requires. Factory outlet can help to save time and money with 200 works and 75 professional engineers. Good cooperation with FEDEX / UPS / DHL can make sure that your board will be delivered on time.

The double-sided pcb is used on industrial control. The overall pcb height is 1.6mm. The copper thickness is 1oz. The cover film is common, yellow film.

Product Parameter


Outline Tolerance ±0.3mm
Circuit Etching Tolerance +/-20%Mm
Test 100% Electrical Test Prior Shipment
Transport Package Vacuum
Origin Shenzhen, China



Product Feature And Application

Customer supplied data (gerber) is used to produce the manufacturing data for the specific PCB (artworks for imaging processes and drill data for drilling programs). Engineers compare demands/specifications against capabilities to ensure compliance and also determine the process steps and associated checks. No changes are allowed without customer’s permission.

The PAD finishing is immersion AU. The customer specifys the FR4 stiffener at the bottom of the connector, which can facilitate the assembly.


● Q: Do you sell prototype PCB?

A: Yes. We offer PCB prototypes up to 32 layers, including of FR-4 PCB, high frequency PCB, MCPCB and flexible PCB.

● Q: How do you control the quality?

A: We believe engineering design prevents problems from occurring in preproduction. Our PCB and Manufacturing process are certified by authorized organizations.

100% tests are inclusive of electrical test and AOI inspection, high voltage test, impedance control test, micro-section, solder-ability test, thermal stress test, reliability test, insulation resistance test and ionic contamination test etc.

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