Flexible PCB With Impedance

Flexible PCB With Impedance

X-PCB is a professional pcb manufacturer specialized in quick turn order. 2 layers: 24hours; $50; 4 layers: 48hours; $120; 8 layers: 72hours….

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Product Introduction

X-PCB is a professional pcb manufacturer specialized in quick turn order.

2 layers: 24hours; $50; 4 layers: 48hours; $120; 8 layers: 72hours.

Rigid board: 1-40layers; Flex board: 1-20layers; Rigid-flex: 1-20layers.

We have all kinds of base material, such as: High Tg, High CTI, High copper, Rogers, Arlon, HDI, Aluminium.

This double-sided FPC is made with PI and FR4. Its overall board thickness is 0.8mm. The finished copper thickness is 1 oz. The finishing surface treatment is immersion AU. The FR4 stiffener with 0.6mm thickness is on the specified location as customer’s requirement.

Product Parameter


Type Flex Pcb
Flame Retardant Properties V0
Min.Line Spacing 0.1mm
Min.Line Width 0.1mm
Origin China



Product Feature And Application

Impedance control is an approach to the control of dynamic interaction between amanipulator and its environment. This type of control is suitable for. Environment interaction and object manipulation.The key theory behind the method is to treat the environment as an admittance and the manipulator as an impedance.

Immersion tin process can form a flat copper-tin intermetallic compound,and this feature  makes the immersion tin have good weldability as hot air leveling and without  flatness problem as  hot air leveling. Immersion tin has no  diffusion problems between metal of electroless nickel / immersion gold——copper-tin intermetallic compound can bind together firmly.Immersion tin board can not be stored for too long.When assembly, it must be carried out according to the order of immersion tin.

Consedering the expansion and shrinkage and material utilization, this above board is 5-up array. Yellow coverlay is used on this board. Some Pad is too dense to use the cover film, so we use the yellow solder mask. The trace width and space are required stictly for the impedance control.

Why X-PCB?

● With the capabilities to manufacturing precision PCB with min 0.1mm hole and 3mil/3mil of width and spacing.

● The PCB  products can be fully RoHS compliant ,and 100% guaranteed to meet IPC II standards.

● Focus on profession: Specilizing in Rigid Flex PCB R&D and manufacturinng, the core team made up by the best field experts with 15+ years experience.

● Design consultation: Professional Design For Manufacturing (DFM) Service, helping customers select the optimal solution from the prototype design phrase based on cost-saving and manufacturability.

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