Kapton Flex Circuit PCB

Kapton Flex Circuit PCB

Product Introduction X-PCB can provide you Single-sided…

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Product Introduction

X-PCB can provide you Single-sided, double sided & multi-layer rigid PCB and flex pcb and rigid-flex pcb with competitive price and good quality and excellent service. The max board size we can make is 500*1200mm. The finished board thickness is from 0.1mm to 7.0mm. The min hole size we can do is 3mil.

The board is used on industrial conrol. The board thickness is 1.6mm and the cooper is 35um. Yellow cover film and white silkcreen are on this board. The surface is immersion AU.

Product Parameter


Min Order Quantity 1pcs
Dielectric PI
Mechanical Rigid Flex
Processing Technology Rolled Copper
Port Shenzhen



Product Feature And Application

Print inner layers: Transfer the image using an artwork film to the board surface, using photosensitive dry-film and UV light, which will polymerise the dry film exposed by the artwork. This step of the process is performed in a clean room. Imaging – The process of transferring electronic data to the photo-plotter, which in turn uses light to transfer a negative image circuitry pattern onto the panel or film.

For the dense PADs, the green solder mask is used, not cover film,as the cover film can’t be produce with the dense opening. EMI is needed. Other stiffener, 3M tape, is used on this board. 3M tape stiffener is common for LED flex pcb.

Why X-PCB?

● Our PCBs are 100% passed test, we aim to provide the best quality for you.

● If expedited orders exceed the expected time, we will be free of charge for expedite fee.

● The cooperation express: DHL/FEDEX/UPS, so we can reach” Customers first, fast and efficient”.

● Our Corporate Values: Excellence, customer satisfaction, innovation and integrity, green.

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