Metal Core PCB Boards

Metal Core PCB Boards

X-PCB supplys with Flex board, Rigid-flex board, Aluminum board, High TG, High cooper, Rogers, all kinds of boards….

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Product Introduction

X-PCB supplys with Flex board, Rigid-flex board, Aluminum board, High TG, High cooper, Rogers, all kinds of boards.

The boards are all 100% electrical test, no worries about the quality, and best service for After-sales. IPC Class III is also OK for us. The min mechanical via size is 6mil, and the min laser via is 3mil.

This board is a 8L pcb with 2.4mm board thickness. The copper weight is 3/2/2/2/2/2/2/3 oz. The surface finishing is Immersion AU. As you can see, the most area of this board is AU, which makes this board much more expensive than common 8L pcb.

Product Parameter


Type Rigid Multilayer Pcb
Material FR4
Origin China
Solder Mask Green
Silkscreen White



Product Feature And Application

This board is used on industrial control.The min hole size is 0.25mm, which is very common. The min line width and space are 4mil. Line width is regularly decided by the current signal carries, for a minimum width, we recommend min 4mil, but if you have to set up any fineline in PCB, you can disign the fineline down to 3mil, but please try to let the trace width as bigger as you can. The bigger trace width is good for smooth production, and the fineline will lead to higher failure rate during manufacture and higher costs in purchasing. For the thin trace width, you can add teardrops to the connections of tracks and pads. Teardrops are good for high voltage/amperage traces.

Why x-pcb?

● We accept any PCB shape,so don’t worry about your pcb shape.

● Your data will be checked with our design rule check. If we find any technical issues or have any enquires we will contact you. This is quite common for prototype and mass orders.

● We can offer sample,  but you have to pay first, once you do mass production from us, the sample fee will pay back to your account! I believe we can do long term business!

● Design consultation: Professional Design For Manufacturing (DFM) Service, helping customers select the optimal solution from the prototype design phrase based on cost-saving and manufacturability.

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