Printed Circuit Board With HDI

Printed Circuit Board With HDI

X-PCB is the professional manufacturer specializing in PCB products.Rigid-flex pcb is our featured produce….

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Product Introduction

X-PCB is the professional manufacturer specializing in PCB products.Rigid-flex pcb is our featured produce.Our Surface Treatment includes Tin lead/Leadfree HASL, Flash Gold, ENIG, OSP, ImmersionTin/ Sliver, Hard Gold, etc. Base Material includes HighTG (tg150, tg170, tg180); High CTI(CTI>600V); High copper(80z); High layer; Rogers: Arlon; Nelco; HDI; PTFE; Taconic; Aluminum; Teflon; CEM-1,CEM-3; FR-4.

The above pcb is a 8-layer HDI board. The material is high TG FR4. Blue solder mask and white silkscreen are on this board. There is a big BGA and small BGA on this board. The PADs are dense.

Product Parameter


Board Thickness 1.6mm
Inner Copper 35um
Outer Copper 35um
Test Flying Probe And Fixture
Origin China
HS Code 85340010



Product Feature And Application

HDI (high density interconnection) circuit boards and Microvia Technology are inextricably linked. Microvias are minute holes drilled by a laser to generate the electrical connection between the layers in a multilayer circuit board.

The min line width is 3mil and the min line space is also 3mil, so after the line is finished, we will use Line Space width equipment to do the test, in order to make sure the 3mil line space and width. The surface is Immersion Au. It is used on consumer electronics. The difficulty is the 6mil distance between hole and annular ring.

Why x-pcb?

● Competitive price: Highly automated equipment reduces our manufacture cost and improve efficiency. We always believe that only by providing competitive price which can make our customers more competitive, we can grow with our customers.

● Strong process capability:

Max Layer Count: 36L Max Final Board Thickness: 7.0mm

Max PTH Aspect Ratio: 10: 1 Max Finished Copper Thickness: 20 OZ

Max Panel Size: 622*610mm Min Line Width/Space: 0.075/0.075mm

Minimum Mechanical Hole/Pad: 0.15/0.4mm Drilling Accuracy: +/-0.05mm

PTH Bore Diamter Tolerance: +/-0.05mm Min Solder Mask Dam: 0.1mm

● Our Mission: To be the trusted supplier of Rigid Flex PCB and FPC solution for global customers.

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