Flex Rigid PCB Prototype

Flex Rigid PCB Prototype

X-PCB is one of the leading company in manufacturing the Quick turn PCB and some small volume PCB….

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Product Introduction

X-PCB is  one of the leading company in manufacturing the Quick turn PCB and some small volume PCB.


ROGERS, Arlon, Nelco, Taconic, Teflon, Aluminum, High TG board, High CTI, bare board, flex board, flex-rigid board or any other material can be supplied.

Quick-turn Service

2-4 layers: 24 hours

6-8 layers board: 48 hours

10 layers board: 72 hours

12-20 layers board: According to your project

The prototype above is a 6 layer rigid flex pcb with 4 days lead time.The material is FR4 and PI. Min line width is 0.1mm and min line space is 0.1mm. The silkscreen is white. The structure is 2R+2F+2R.

Product Parameter

Production Capacity 20, 000 Sqm/ Month
Port Shenzhen, China
Flame Retardant Properties V0
Transport Package Vacuum
HS Code 85340010

Product Feature And Application

ENEPIG or Electroless Nickel – Electroless Palladium – Immersion Gold is a surface finish for Printed Circuit Boards that has been around for a decade but is only recently coming back into vogue. ENEPIG works well with lead free and conventional eutectic solder alloys (Eutectic means its 63% tin and 37% lead.) ENEPIG is called the “Universal” surface finish as it can be used for all assembly processes.

This board’s finishing is ENEPIG, Which isn’t common as ENIG. Its application is comsumer electronics. As we deeply know time is very important for prototype, so we  can help customers speed up the R&D and shorten the products’ time to market.


● Q: Is my PCB file safe if I send it to you for manufacturing?

A: X-PCB respectS customer’s design authority and will never manufacture PCB for someone else without  your permission. NDA is acceptable.

● Q: What’s your shipping way ?

A: 1. We have our own forwarder to ship goods by DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT,EMS.

2. If you have your own forwarder, we can cooperate with them.

● Q: Can I get a sample?

A: Yes, It’s reasonable to get a sample to test our quality at first.

● Q: How to Get a quotation?

A: Pls send us the Gerber File and pcb specification

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