Flex Rigid PCB With Blind Holes

Flex Rigid PCB With Blind Holes

Single and double sided PCB boards Multilayer boards 4-40 layers Heavy copper, power boards, back planes …

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Product Introduction

Here are some brief introduction of X-PCB:

We offer a wide range of different printed circuit boards to our customers in the world:

Single and double sided PCB boards

Multilayer boards 4-40 layers

Heavy copper, power boards, back planes

Metal backed boards(aluminium)

To be able to offer a wide range of printed circuit board technologies at an attractive price level and suitable lead time, we introduces state-of-the-art facifility and testing equipments.

This mentioned board here is a 8 layer rigid flex pcb with blind holes. The pcb finished board thickness is 2.0mm. Its copper thickness is 1oz. Green solder mask and yellow cover film are used on it.

Product Parameter

Type Rigid Felx Pcb
Material FR4 And PI
Surface Finishing Immersion Au
Min.Line/Space 4mil/4mil
Origin China

Product Feature And Application

Blind vias are only available on boards with at least four layers. Unlike regular vias on a two layer board which connect the two surface layers, blind vias connect the inner layers with either other adjacent inner layers or adjacent surface layers. Blind Vias: Connects an inner layer with the adjacent surface layer, they are only visible on one side of the boards and so are called ‘blind’ vias. Blind via is a srpcial technology, so if the pcb has blind hoels, the price is higher. So does rigid flexible pcb board.

Why X-PCB?

● Control the quality from the source by only using high-quality raw materail: We only choose top domestic and international brand, such as: SOLA, SYE, ITEQ, TAIPLEX, KB and so on. Class B and other used raw materials are refused.

● Agile production: Wide range of special base material supplying, making full use of the top resources in the field with high flexibility, helping customer to verify new materiasl and processes quickly.

● RFQ generally will be responded in 8 hours, the conventional products can be quoted even in 2 hours.

● Be able to produce up to 24 layers of various special PCB.

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