HDI Rigid Flex PCB Prototype

HDI Rigid Flex PCB Prototype

Product Introduction X-PCB is the pcb manufacturer spec…

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Product Introduction

X-PCB is the pcb manufacturer specialized in quick turn orders. For 2 layers, the quickest working time only cost 24 hours; 4 layers, 48hours.

We also supply with Flex board, Rigid-flex board, Aluminium board, High TG, High cooper, Rogers, all kinds of boards.

The boards are all 100% electrical test, no worries about the quality, and best service for After-sales.

This board we mention here is a 12 layer rigid flexible pcb with 1.6mm board thickness. The Flame Retardant Properties is V0. The base material is FR4 and PI. Both min. Trace width and min.space are 3mil. As the board is HDI, so the min. hole is certainly 0.1mm.

Product Parameter


Copper Thickness 1OZ
Surface Finishing ENIG
The Colour Of Solder Mask Green
Coverlay Colour Amber
Origin China



Product Feature And Application

When we mention HDI board,the blind and buried holes follow.

Blind Vias: Connects an inner layer with the adjacent surface layer, they are only visible on one side of the boards and so are called ‘blind’ vias.

Buried Vias: Connects two adjacent inner copper layers. They are not visible from the surface and so are ‘buried’.

This 12L HDI rigid flex pcb is used on industry control.In order to have good lamination,extra PP is needed.Considering expansion and shrinkage,this is a 14-up array,which makes easy to control shrinkage.


● Be able to produce up to 24 layers of various special PCB.

● Offer expedited service for prototyping, small batch production.

● PCB factory passed UL, ISO90001: 2008 and ISO/TS16949: 2009 certification, which is the strong confidence for quality.

● No MOQ: You may order as small as 1pcs of PCB from us. We do not force you to buy what you do not need,indeed to save your expenses.

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