Rigid Flex PCB Board

Rigid Flex PCB Board

X-PCB is a professional pcb manufacturer in China. We are good at high-end prototypes, Quick Turn, small and medium volumes PCB fabrication….

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Product Introduction

X-PCB is a professional pcb manufacturer in China. We are good at high-end prototypes, Quick Turn, small and medium volumes PCB fabrication.

X-PCB has state-of-the-art equipment and professional workers. All the products delivered from X-PCB are quality guaranteed with ISO and UL certification. Under such quality guarantees, our products are popular both at home and abroad. They are widely applied to Telcommunications, Industrial Control, Medical, Security System, Electricity, Automotive, Computers and etc.

This flexible rigid board we mention here is a 4 layer rigid flex board with immersion AU sureface treatment.Its structure is 1R+2F+2R(multi-step connection) with 1 oz copper thickness.We use black solder mask and cover film to fabricate this board, so the character colour is white.

Product Parameter


Board Thickness 1.6mm
Min Trace Width/Space 4mil/4mi
Material FR4 And PI
Origin China
HS Code 85340010



Product Feature And Application

Drilling hole will subsequently create electrical connections within the multilayer PCB. This is a mechanical drilling process that must be optimised so that we can achieve registration to all of the the inner layer connections. The panels can be stacked at this process. The drilling can also be done by a laser drill.

Combination of flexible and rigid substrates laminated into single package forming a 3D interconnect that can be bent and folded into higher-performing PCB–allowing designers to replace multiple PCBs interconnected with connectors, wires and ribbon cables with a single package offering improved performance and reliability.

This printing board is used in LED display. The technological difficulty is multi-step connection. This board has good bend performance.

Why You Should Buy Printed Circuits Boards From Us

● Special power supply line for the PCB plant to ensure delivery on time.

● We Are Not A Broker: X-PCB is a China Shenzhen-based PCB manufacturer. By skipping all the middle companies, we are successfully passing the savings and bringing a total satisfaction of PCB purchasing experience to our valued customers.

● No MOQ: You may order as small as 1pcs of PCB from us. We do not force you to buy what you do not need, indeed to save your expenses.

● Advanced and full range of manufacturing facilities, we own the key high-end equipment for multilayer PCB, such as Laminator, Double-drawer Pinless Machine, X-Ray Drilling machine, CCD Automatic exposure machine, etc.

● Offer expedited service for prototyping, small batch production.

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