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  • High Density Interconnect PCB

    X-PCB has branded production equipment and inspection equipment from home and abroad.We can rapidly take over big, middle and small patch and all kinds of rigid board, flex-ragid board and special board....
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  • HDI Printed Wiring Board

    X-PCB, a printed circuit board manufacturer, offers all kinds off PCBs.X-PCB is dedicated to being a long-term PCBs partner with our customers to achieve quality and cost optimization....
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  • Printed Circuit Board With HDI

    X-PCB is the professional manufacturer specializing in PCB products.Rigid-flex pcb is our featured produce....
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  • Rigid PCB Board

    X-PCB is a professional pcb manufacturer in China. We have full of confidence to meet your quality level....
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  • Metal Core PCB Boards

    X-PCB supplys with Flex board, Rigid-flex board, Aluminum board, High TG, High cooper, Rogers, all kinds of boards....
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  • Printed Wiring Board

    X-PCB's product cover from common FR4 boards, high TG FR4 boards to microvia, plugged via holes, peelable mask, metal backed boards, and rigid-flex pcb....
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  • Printed Wiring Board With Impedance

    X-PCB specializes in PCB for many years. our product is fast, high precision, complicated and high quality. Our product all pass test, use grade A raw materials and our complaint rate is less than 0.7% The inner minimum conductor spacing is 2.8mil....
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  • PCB Board Fab Express

    X-PCB is the leading QTA Rigid Flex PCB & FPC manufacturer in China, and focus on offering global customers excellent Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC)...
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  • Blind And Buried Hole Multilayer PCB Board

    X-PCB offers a wide range of different boards to our customes in the world: Single- and double-side printed circuit boards; Multilayer boards: 4-40 layers; Heavy copper; power boards; Back planes; Metal backed boards (aluminium)....
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  • PCB Board Prototype

    X-PCB, as the pcb manufacturer, hopes to offer the customer competitive price and good quality. We can offer fast PCB Prototyping and Fabrication service to help customers speed up the R&D and shorten the products' time-to-market....
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  • Flexible Printed Wiring Board

    X-PCB is the leading prototype, small volume, high quality PCB manufacturer in China. We have full confidence to meet your quality level....
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  • Flex PCB Board

    X-PCB is a professional pcb manufacturer in China. And we have our own factory so the price will be more reasonable, we use the Fedex, DHL, UPS International Express....
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