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  • Rigid PCB With Impedance

    X-PCB is a leading quick-turn prototype and high volume PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen. Our product covers from common FR-4 boards, High Tg FR-4 boards to microvia solutions, plugged via-holes, peelable mask, metal backed boards, and flex-rigid boards....
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  • Rigid PCB Board

    X-PCB is a professional pcb manufacturer in China. We have full of confidence to meet your quality level....
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  • Multilayer Rigid PCB

    We are the leading Prototype, high Volume factory of printed circuit board(PCB) in Shenzhen. Over 15 years experience, more than 240 workers, have 42 engineers, good cooperation with Fedex, UPS, DHL....
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  • Multilayer Rigid PCB Board

    X-PCB is the leading prototype, small volume, high quality PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen. We have full confidence to meet your quality level, no matter it is multilayer rigid pcb, or complex HDI rigid-flex pcb....
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  • Flex Circuit Prototype

    X-PCB is one of the leading manufactures of prototypes and small volume PCB in China, specializing in PCB manufacturing, especially rigid-flex pcb and multilayer FPC....
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  • Double-Sided Flex Pwb Pwb

    X-PCB is a professional pcb manufacturer and has rich experience in producting single-sided, double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards....
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  • Flex Printed Circuit Board

    X-PCB is the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) manufacturer with 15 years experience, specialized in single-sided, 2-layerd, multilayer and high density interconnector (HDI) PCB....
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  • 6 Layer Rigid Flex PCB With 50um Base PI Film

    6 Layer Rigid Flex PCB with 50um base PI film material used in industrial products...
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  • Rigid Flex PCB Printing

    X-PCB is the leading QTA Rigid Flex PCB & FPC manufacturer in China, focusing on offering global customers excellent Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) and Rigid Flexible PCB products and Quick Turn Around prototyping (NPI) and mass production service but with moderate price....
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  • Multilayer Rigid Flex PCB Board

    This is a 12 layer high quality HDI rigid flex PCB with 2 tier which isn't easy to fabricate. Its application field is High-end Digital Camera....
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  • ELIC Rigid Flex Circuits Board

    The ELIC board is a 6L rigid flex pcb with 1.2mm board thickness. Some distance between some PADs is so clsoe that we use red solder mask instead of coverlay....
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  • Rigid Flex PCB Board

    X-PCB is a professional pcb manufacturer in China. We are good at high-end prototypes, Quick Turn, small and medium volumes PCB fabrication....
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