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PCB Fabrication

  • Multilayer Rigid PCB

    We are the leading Prototype, high Volume factory of printed circuit board(PCB) in Shenzhen. Over 15 years experience, more than 240 workers, have 42 engineers, good cooperation with Fedex, UPS, DHL....
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  • Printed Wiring Board With Impedance

    X-PCB specializes in PCB for many years. our product is fast, high precision, complicated and high quality. Our product all pass test, use grade A raw materials and our complaint rate is less than 0.7% The inner minimum conductor spacing is 2.8mil....
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  • PCB Board Fab Express

    X-PCB is the leading QTA Rigid Flex PCB & FPC manufacturer in China, and focus on offering global customers excellent Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC)...
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  • Half Hole Multilayer PCB

    X-PCB is a professional pcb supplier in China.The count of layers we can do is 40 layer. PTH Hole Aspect Ratio is 10: 1.Soldermask colors we have are green, yellow, black, blue, matte, semi-matte, transparent LPI soldermask and peelable soldermask....
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  • Multilayer Rigid PCB Board

    X-PCB is the leading prototype, small volume, high quality PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen. We have full confidence to meet your quality level, no matter it is multilayer rigid pcb, or complex HDI rigid-flex pcb....
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  • Blind And Buried Hole Multilayer PCB Board

    X-PCB offers a wide range of different boards to our customes in the world: Single- and double-side printed circuit boards; Multilayer boards: 4-40 layers; Heavy copper; power boards; Back planes; Metal backed boards (aluminium)....
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  • PCB Board Prototype

    X-PCB, as the pcb manufacturer, hopes to offer the customer competitive price and good quality. We can offer fast PCB Prototyping and Fabrication service to help customers speed up the R&D and shorten the products' time-to-market....
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  • Prototype PCB Fabrication

    X-PCB is the leading manufacturer of prototypes and small-volume Printed Circuit Board in China, specialized in pcb field for many years. Our goal is provide you the best quality and the most competitive price PCB....
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  • Double-Sided Flex PCB

    X-PCB is a reliable PCB supplier in Shenzhen, China. We have over 15 years experience in rigid-flex pcb, and more than 300 workers. The thickest layer we can make is 40 layer....
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  • 10 Layer Flex PCB Fabrication

    A 10 Layers Flex PCB built by XPCB, it's a high-end connector flexible board, Its finished thickness is 0.6mm, it's a install-to-flex application, no dynamic bending performance requirement, but with strict impedance control for high speed signal transferring....
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  • Flexible Printed Wiring Board

    X-PCB is the leading prototype, small volume, high quality PCB manufacturer in China. We have full confidence to meet your quality level....
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  • Flex PCB Board

    X-PCB is a professional pcb manufacturer in China. And we have our own factory so the price will be more reasonable, we use the Fedex, DHL, UPS International Express....
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