Compaction of inner lines
Jan 19,2019

After the completion of the inner circuit board should be fiberglass resin film and the outer line of copper foil bonding. Before compaction, the inner laminates need to be treated with black (oxygen), so that the copper surface increases the insulation, and the copper surface of the inner line is coarsening so that the film can produce good fit performance. At the same pressure, the six-layer line ﹝ containing more than ﹞ inner circuit board with Rivet machine in pairs of riveting. Then use the tray to place it neatly between the mirror steel plate, into the vacuum press to the appropriate temperature and pressure to make the film hardening fit. The pressed circuit board is locked out by an X-ray automatic positioning lock to make the hole a reference hole for the internal and external layer line. And the edge of the plate to do the appropriate fine cutting, in order to facilitate the back of processing.

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